Wrought-iron in the form of wire or nails free from oxide. Iron wire No. 35.


1. Mistura Ferri Aromatica

Mistura Ferri Aromatica. Iron Wire, 2, Pale Cinchona Bark, 4; Calumba, 2; Cloves, 1; Compound Tincture of Cardamoms, 12; Tincture of Orange Peel, 2; and Peppermint Water, 50.

Lose. - 1 to 2 fl.oz.

2. Vinum Ferri

Vinum Ferri. Iron wire digested in Sherry, 1 in 20 Dose. - 1 to 4 fl.dr. From Ferrum are also made:

3. Ferri Sulphas

Ferri Sulphas. Sulphate of Iron. FeSO4.7H1O.

Source. - Made by dissolving Iron Wire in Sulphuric Acid and Water, and crystallising.

Characters. - Pale green rhombic prisms, with a styptic taste. Solubility, 1 in 1 1/2 of water; insoluble in spirit.

Impurities. - Persalts, giving sediment in aqueous solution. Copper, precipitated by H1S.

Lose. - 1 to 5 gr.


From Ferri Sulphas are made: a. Ferri Sulphas Exsiccata. FeSo4H1O. - A dirty white powder, made by heating the Sulphate.

Lose. - 1/2 to 3 err.

b. Ferri Carbonas Saccharata. - 37 per cent. of Carbonate of Iron, FeCO3, mixed with Peroxide of Iron and Sugar.

Source. - Made by precipitating a solution of Sulphate of Iron with Carbonate of Ammonia, and rubbing with Sugar. (1) FeSO4 + (NH4)2CO3 = FeCO3 + (NH4)2SO4. (2) 3FeCO3 + O = FeCO3 + FeCO3 + 2CO2. The sugar prevents oxydation.

Characters. - Grey-brown lumps, with a sweet chalybeate taste.

Impurities. - Sulphate of ammonia and oxide of iron.

Dose. - 5 to 20 gr.


Pilula Ferri Carbonatis. - 4 to 1 of Confectio Rosae.

Dose. - 5 to 10 gr.

c. Mistura Ferri Composita. - "Griffiths' Mixture." Sulphate of Iron, 25 gr.; Carbonate of Potash, 30 gr.; Myrrh, 60 gr.; Sugar, 60 gr.; Spirit of Nutmeg, 4 fl.dr.; Rose Water, 9 fl.oz. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz.

d. Ferri Arsenias. - Arseniate of Iron. Fe3As2O8. Source. - Made by precipitating a mixed solution of Arseniate and Acetate of Soda with Sulphate of Iron; and washing. 3FeSO4 + 2Na2AsO4 + 2NaC2H3O3 = Fe3As2O8 + 3Na2SO4 + 2C2H4O2

Characters. - A green amorphous powder, tasteless (but not to be tasted), insoluble in water.

Impurities. - Sulphates, and general impurities.

Dose. - 1/16 to 1/2 gr. in pill.

e. Ferri Phosphas. - Phosphate of Iron. Fe3P2O8. Source. - Made by precipitating a mixed solution of Phosphate and Acetate of Soda with Sulphate of Iron. 3FeSO4 + 2Na2HPO4 + 2NaC2H3O2 = Fe3P2O8 +

3Na2SO4 + 2C2H4O2.

Characters. - A slate-blue amorphous powder, insoluble in water.

Impurity. - Arsenic; detected by Reinsch's test.

Dose. - 5 to 10 gr.

f. Ferri Persulphatis Liquor.

Source. Made by boiling nitric acid and water with a hot solution of sulphate of iron in sulphuric acid and water. 6(FeSO4) + 3(H1SO4) + 2HNO3= 3(Fe23SO4)

+ 4H1O + 2NO. Introduced only for making several preparations.

Characters. - Dark brown, inodorous and astringent.

From Liquor Ferri Persulphatis are made:

α Ferri Oxidum Magneticum. - Magnetic Oxide of Iron. Fe3O4, with some peroxides.

Sources. - Made by precipitating a solution of the Proto- and Persulphates of Iron with a Solution of Soda, and drying. (1) FeSO4 + Fe23SO4 + 8NaHO = Fe2HO + Fe26HO + 4Na2SO4. (2) Fe2HO 4+ Fe26HO = Fe3O4.4H1O.

Characters. - A brownish-black tasteless powder.

Impurity. - Metallic iron; detected by effervescing with HC1.

Dose. - 5 to 10 gr.

β. Ferri Per oxidum Humidum. - Moist Peroxide of Iron. Fe2.6HO.

Source. - Made by precipitating Solution of Persulphate of Iron with Solution of Soda. Fe23SO4 + 6NaHO = Fe26HO + 3Na2SO4.

Characters. - A soft reddish-brown mass.

Impurities. - Ferrous hydrate. Ferric oxy-hydrate; insoluble in cold HCl.

Dose. - 1/4 to 1/2 oz.

From Ferri Feroxidum Humidum is made:

Ferri Peroxidum Hydratum. - Hydrated Peroxide of Iron. Fe2O22HO. Made by drying the Moist Peroxide. A reddish-brown powder, without taste. Dose, 5 to 30 gr.

Impurities. - Ferrous hydrate.


Emplastrum Ferri.- "Emplastrum Eoborans." 1 in 11.

From Ferri Peroxidum Hydratum is made:

Ferrum Redactum. - Reduced Iron. Metallic iron, with a variable amount of Magnetic Oxide.

Source. - Made by passing dry Hydrogen over the Hydrated Peroxide.

Characters. - A fine greyish-black powder.

Impurity. - Excess of oxide; detected volumetrically. Dose. - 1 to 5 gr.


Trochisci Ferri Redacti. - 1 gr. in each.

γ. Ferri et Ammonia Citras. - Citrate of Iron and Ammonia.

Source. - Made by dissolving Hydrated Peroxide of Iron (freshly prepared from the Solution of the Persulphate by Ammonia) in a hot solution of Citric Acid, neutralising with Ammonia, and evaporating.

Characters. - Deep red scales, deliquescent; slightly sweet and astringent in taste. Solubility, 10 in 5 of water, almost insoluble in rectified spirit.

Impurities. - Tartrates; giving crystalline precipitate with acetic acid. Alkaline salts; detected in ash.

Dose. - 5 to 10 gr.


Yinum Ferri Citratis. - 1 gr. in 1 fl.dr. of orange wine. Dose, 1 to 4 fl.dr.

δ. Ferri et Quiniae Citras. - Citrate of Iron and Quinia.

Source. - Made like Ferri et Ammonias Citras, freshly precipitated Quinia being also dissolved in the Citric Acid solution.

Characters. - Greenish-yellow scales, deliquescent, bitter and chalybeate in taste. Solubility, 2 in 1 of water. 6 gr. contain 1 grain of quinia.

Impurities. - Alkaline salts; detected in ash. Other alkaloids instead of omnia; insoluble in ether when precipitated by NH4HO.

Dose. - 5 to 10 gr.

ε. Ferrum Tartaratum. - Tartarated Iron.

Source. - Mado like Fern et Ammoniae Citras with Acid Tartrate of Potash instead of Citric Acid.

Characters. - Garnet scales. Solubility, 1 in 4 of water; sparingly in spirit.

Imparities. - Ammonia; evolved by boiling with liquor sodae. Ferrous salts.