Source. - Made from Chloral by the addition of Water.. Chloral (C2HC13O) is itself made by the action of dried Chlorine upon anhydrous Alcohol, and purifying. C2H6O + Cl8 = C2HC13O + 5HC1.

Characters. - Colourless crystals, or white crystalline masses, with a peculiar pungent odour, and a pungent, rather bitter taste. Readily fused by gentle heat, recrystallising on cooling to 120°. Solubility, very freely in distilled water, rectified spirit, and ether; 1 in 4 of chloroform.

Incompatibles. - All alkalies.

Impurities. - Hydrochloric acid, detected by test-paper; oily substances, colouring sulphuric acid when dissolved in chloroform.

Dose. - 5 to 30 gr.


Syrupus Chloral. - 10 gr. in 1 fl.dr. Dose, 1/2 to 2 fl. dr.