Hamamelis. (Not Officinal.)-The leaves of Hamamelis virginica, the Witch Hazel, collected in autumn. From the United States.

Characters.-Short petiolate, 4 inches long, obovate or oval, oblique at base, sinuate-toothed, nearly smooth; inodorous; astringent and bitter.

Composition.-Hamamelis contains traces of tannic acid, odorous matters, etc. Its active principle appears to be unknown.

Non-officinal Preparations.

Hamamelin, a powdered Extractive; Dose, 1/2 to 2 gr. Tincture (1 to 10); Dose, 2 to 5 min. Fluid Extract (1 in 1); Dose, 10 min. to 2 fl.dr.

Action And Uses

Hamamelis is an astringent and haemostatic both locally and remotely, useful in haemorrhages from the nose, lungs, rectum, or uterus.