The dried drupe of the Plum, Prunus domestica. From southern Europe.

Composition. - The prune contains sugar, malic acid, and a purgative principle.

Prune is contained in Confectio Sennae, 1 in 12 1/2.

Action And Uses

The prune is nutritive, demulcent, and slightly laxative, It may he ordered as an article of diet in habitual constipation.

Laurocerasi Folia - Cherry-Laurel Leaves. - The fresh leaves of Prunus Laurocerasus. The Common or Cherry Laurel.

Characters. - Ovate-lanceolate or elliptical, distantly toothed, furnished with glands at the base, smooth and shining, deep green, on strong short footstalks; emitting a ratafia odour when bruised.

Composition. - Cherry laurel leaves yield by distillation a variable amount of hydrocyanic acid, and a volatile oil, by a process of decomposition resembling that just described in the bitter almond. Neither emulsin nor ordinary amygdalin have, however, been demonstrated in the leaves, but a resinoid body, which yields with emulsin hydrocyanic acid, and is called "amorphous amygdalin."


Aqua Laurocerasi - 1 in 1 1/4 by distillation. Incompatibles, metallic salts. Dose, 5 to 30 min.

Action And Uses

Cherry-laurel water possesses the action of hydrocyanic acid, and is also a flavouring agent. The strength of the drug in this very powerful substance is so uncertain that its use ought to be avoided. See Acidum Hydrocyamcum Dilutum.