Rosae Gallicae Petala - Red Rose Petals. - The fresh and dried unexpanded petals of Rosa gallica. From plants cultivated in Britain.

Characters. - Colour fine purplish-red, retained after drying; taste bitterish, feebly acid, and astringent; odour roseate, developed by drying.

Composition. - Red-rose petals contain an aromatic oil, tannic and gallic acids, gum, colouring matters, salts, etc. Oleum rosae exists in very small quantity; it consists of an aromatic oxygenated eloeoptin, and an odourless solid rose-camphor.


1. Confectio Rosae Gallicae

Confectio Rosae Gallicae. 1 of fresh petals in 4. Dose, 30 to 60 gr.

2. Infusum Rosae Acidum

Infusum Rosae Acidum. 1 of dried petals in 40 of diluted sulphuric acid and water. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz.

3. Syrupus Rosae

Syrupus Rosae. 1 of dried petals in 17 1/4. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.dr.

Rosae Centifoliae Petala - Cabbage Rose Petals. - The fresh petals, fully expanded, of Rosa centifolia. From plants cultivated in Britain.

Characters. - Taste sweetish, bitter, and faintly astringent; odour roseate; both readily imparted to water.

Preparation. Aqua Rosea. - 1 in 1 by distillation. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz.

Action And Uses

The preparations of the red and the cabbage rose are chiefly used as pleasant vehicles. The acid infusion is an agreeable astringent.

Rosae Caninae Fructus - Fruit of the Dog Rose - Hips. - The ripe fruit of the Dog Rose, Rosa canina, and other indigenous allied species.

Characters. - An inch or more in length, ovate, scarlet, smooth, shining; taste sweet, subacid, pleasant.

Preparation. Confectio Rosae Caninae. - 1 in 3. Dose, 60 gr. or more. Confectio Rosae Caninae is contained in Pilula Quiniae.

Action And Use

The confection of hips forms a very useful basis for pills. Composition. - Hips contain malic and citric acids, free and combined, tannic acid, sugar, and a trace of volatile oil.