Native carbonate of zinc calcined in a covered earthen crucible at a moderate temperature, powdered and freed from gritty particles by elutriation.

Characters. - A pale pinkish-brown powder, without gritti-ness.

Solubility. - It is almost entirely soluble, with effervescence, in acids.

Officinal Preparation. Unguentum Calaminae (prepared calamine 1, benzoated lard 5).

Uses. - Used sometimes instead of oxide. In skin diseases preferred to the oxide by some, especially in weeping eczema; it is still better applied in the form of a lotion, e.g. calamine 40 grs., oxide of zinc 20 grs., glycerine 20 min., water to 1 oz., or prepared calamine 12 grs., prepared chalk 24 grs., lime water 1 oz.