Asafoetida, 30 gr.; distilled water, 4 fl. oz. Bub the asafoetida in a mortar with the water added gradually, so as to form an emulsion.

U.S.P. Mistura Asafoetidae. Asafoetida Mixture. - Rub asafoetida, 4, with water, 100.

U.S.P. Mistura Magnesia et Asafoetidae. Mixture of Magnesia and Asafcetida (Dewee's Carminative). Carbonate of magnesium, 5; tincture of asafoetida, 7; tincture of opium, 1; sugar, 10; distilled water up to 100.

B.P. Spiritus Ammoniae Foetidus. Foetid Spirit of Ammonia. - Asafoetida, 1 1/2 oz.; strong solution of ammonia, 2 fl. oz.; rectified spirit up to 1 pint.

Uses. - It is used as a stimulant, anti-spasmodic, and carminative. It is useful in hysteria, especially that occurring about the menopause.

It is an exceedingly useful remedy in the form of enema for tympanites, but on account of its disagreeable odour is not much used for flatulent distension of the stomach. It is given as a stimulating expectorant in cases of chronic bronchitis and pertussis.