An alcoholic solution of ammonia containing 10 per cent. by weight of the gas.

Preparation. - By warming strong water of ammonia so as to expel the ammoniacal gas, passing this into cold alcohol, and diluting with alcohol to the necessary strength.

Liquor Ammoniae, B.P.; Aqua Ammoniae, U.S.P. Solution of Ammonia, B.P.; Water of Ammonia, U.S.P. - Ammoniacal Gas, NH3;17; dissolved in water.

Preparation. - By mixing 1 part of strong solution of ammonia with 2 of water.



Linimentum Ammoniae (p. 516).


Spiritus Ammoniae Aromaticus. Linimentum Ammoniae (p. 517).

Dose. - 10 to 30 minims well diluted.

Uses. - This may be used as a local application in a similar manner to the liquor ammoniae fortior, except that it has not the same powerful vesicant action. It may be given internally for similar purposes. When mixed in the proportion of two ounces of liquor ammoniae with two ounces of common salt and three drachms of camphorated spirit of wine to thirty-two ounces of water, it forms Raspail's sedative solution, for the treatment of headaches occurring at the menopause, or due to uterine derangement.