3 to 5 grains.

Uses. - It is a powerful astringent, used either for the purpose of obtaining the local astringent action of lead upon the bowels in diarrhoea, or for its general effect upon the system, after absorption, as in haemoptysis.

B.P. Suppositoria Plumbi Composita. Compound Lead Suppositories. Each suppository contains 1 grain of opium and 3 grains of acetate of lead.

Uses. - Used in piles and dysentery accompanied by much tenesmus, or in phthisis, where we wish to stop haemoptysis without putting lead or opium into the stomach and thus running the risk of interfering with digestion.

B.P. unguentum Plumbi Acetatis. Ointment of Acetate of Lead.-Acetate of lead (12 grains), benzoated lard (1 ounce).

Uses. - It is used as a sedative and astringent application to ulcers, excoriations, painful piles, irritable and itching skin-diseases, erysipelas, burns, bruises, etc.