The bark of the root Gossypium herbaceum and of other species of gossypium.

Characters. - Thin flexible bands or quills, brownish-yellow outside, whitish and silky inside, no smell, taste faintly acrid and astringent.

Composition. - It contains a colourless acid resin becoming red on exposure.



Extractum Gossypii Radicis Fluidum................................

1/2-1 fl. dr. (1.9-3.75 c.c.)

Action and Uses. - It is said to cause contraction of the uterus, and is used instead of ergot. It may be given either as the officinal fluid extract or as a decoction made by boiling 4 oz. of the bark in a quart of water down to a pint. Of this a wine-glassful (60 c.c.) is given every 20 or 30 minutes.