A fixed oil, expressed from the seed of Gossypium herbaceum and of other species of gossypium, and subsequently purified.

Characters. - A bright, pale yellow, oily liquid, odourless, having a bland nut-like taste and a neutral reaction. Sp. gr. 0.920 to 0.930.

Solubility. - It is only slightly soluble in alcohol, but readily so in ether.

Reactions - When cooled to near 2°C. (35.6°F.) it begins to congeal. Concentrated sulphuric acid instantly renders it dark reddish-brown.

Uses. - It is a bland oil very much like olive oil, and answers perfectly well most purposes for which olive oil is generally used except for making lead plaster. A great deal of the oil exported from France and Italy under the name of olive oil is really cottonseed oil, either alone or mixed with a proportion of olive oil. Eighty-eight per cent. of the cotton-seed oil exported from New Orleans in 1880 was sent to the Mediterranean.

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