Characters. - A deep-red fluid with a sour, styptic taste and acetous odour, miscible with water or rectified spirit in all proportions. Sp. gr. 1.127.

Reactions. - Diluted with water it gives the reactions of a ferric salt.

Dose. - 1 to 8 minims.




Liquor Ferri Acetatis (strong solution 1, diluted with water to 4)

5 to 30 min.

Tinctura Ferri Acetatis ( „ „ 1, „ ,, spirit to 4)

5 to 30 min.

Use. - May be given along with acetate of potassium in dropsy.

U.S.P. Mistura Ferri et Ammonii Acetatis. Mixture of Acetate of Iron and Ammonium (Basham's Mixture) comprises tincture of chloride of iron (2 parts), diluted acetic acid (3), solution of acetate of ammonium (20), elixir of orange (10), syrup (15), water (50).

Dose. - 1/2-1 fluid ounce. Use. - As a haematinic generally, and in cases of renal disease specially.