A volatile oil distilled from cloves.

Characters. - Colourless when recent, but gradually becoming red-brown, having the odour of cloves and a pungent spicy taste.

Composition. - It consists chiefly of a phenol-like substance, eugenol or eugenic acid, which forms permanent salts with alkalis. With its own bulk of strong solution of potash, the oil forms a semi-solid mass.

Dose. - Of the oil, 2 to 6 drops.




Confectio Scammonii.................................

.10 -30 gr. or more.

Pilula Colocynthidis Composita (v. 522.......

,, ,, et Hyoscyami (v. p. 522)..

.5 -10 gr.


Not givenAction and Use. - Same as those of cloves. It has a local analgesic action, and is frequently used to relieve toothache by putting a drop on a piece of cotton-wool, and introducing it into the cavity of the tooth.