A fixed oil expressed from the seed of Sesamum indicum.

Characters. - A yellowish or yellow, oily liquid, inodorous or nearly so, having a bland, nut-like taste, and a neutral reaction.

Action. - Similar to olive oil (q.v. p. 967).


Lippia Mexicana. Not officinal. - An evergreen creeping shrub growing in Mexico. The parts used are the leaves and flowers.

Composition. - It contains a volatile oil - lippiol - a camphorlike body, and a substance allied to quercitin.

Action. - Lippiol in doses of 3 gr. (0.2 gm.) caused in a cat within half an hour slight dilatation of the pupil and nictitation (probably due to gastro-enteric irritation, p. 218). A repetition of the dose caused vomiting, restlessness, and sleep lasting for two hours. In doses of 4 1/2 gr. (0.3 gm.) it causes warmth, flushing, diaphoresis, and drowsiness (Podwissotzki).

Uses. - As a respiratory sedative in cough. Given as tincture in doses of 1/2-1 fl. dr.