C12H24O12 or C24H24O24; 360. - A peculiar crystalline sugar, obtained from the whey of cows' milk by evaporation and purified by re-crystallisation.

Characters. - Usually in cylindrical masses, two inches in diameter, with a cord or stick in the axis, or in fragments of cakes; greyish-white, crystalline on the surface and in its texture, translucent, hard, scentless, faintly sweet, gritty when chewed.

Solubility. - Soluble in 7 parts of water at 15° C. (59° F.), and in 1 part of boiling water; insoluble in alcohol, ether, or chloroform.

Reactions. - On adding to a solution of sugar of milk in an equal weight of boiling water some solution of soda, the liquid turns brownish, and, on farther addition of test-solution of sulphate of copper, a brick-red precipitate separates.

Impurity. - Cane-sugar.

Test. - If 1 part of sugar of milk be sprinkled upon 5 parts of sulphuric acid contained in a flat-bottomed capsule, the acid should acquire not more than a greenish or reddish, but no brownish or brownish-black colour within one hour (absence of cane-sugar).

Preparation. B.P.

Pulvis Elaterini Compositus.

Uses. - Sugar of milk is used as a diluent in the abstracts, denarcotised opium, etc, of the U.S.P. It is harder, less sweet, and less soluble than cane-sugar, and hence is a better excipient and diluent for powders that require trituration.

B.P. Pepsin. Pepsin. - A preparation of the mucous lining of a fresh and healthy stomach of the pig, sheep, or calf.

Preparation. - The stomach of one of these animals recently killed having been cut open, and laid on a board with the inner surface upwards, any adhering portions of food, dirt, or other impurity, are to be removed and the exposed surface slightly washed with cold water; the cleansed mucous membrane is then to be scraped with a blunt knife or other suitable instrument; and the viscid pulp thus obtained is to be immediately spread over the surface of glass or glazed earthenware, and quickly dried at a temperature not exceeding 100° F.

Dose. - 2-10 gr. given with a meal.