The dried bark of Daphne Mezereum, or of Daphne Laureola.

Characters. - In long thin more or less flattened strips, which are commonly folded or rolled into disks; or in small quills of various lengths. Inner surface whitish, silky, very tough, and covered externally by an olive-brown, or somewhat reddish-brown, readily separable corky layer. No marked odour; taste burning and acrid.



Decoctum Sarsae Compositum. Extractum Mezerei aethereum. Linimentum Sinapis Compositum (p. 516). (Contains Extract.)


Decoctum Sarsaparillae Compositum. Extractum Sarsaparillae Compositum

Fluidum. Extractum Mezerei.

,, „ Fluidum.

Action. - Externally it is irritant. Internally it is supposed to be diuretic and alterative.