If tremor should depend upon insufficient rapidity of the stimuli passing to the muscles from the nerve-centres, it is evident that any drug which, like veratrine, will increase the duration of each individual contraction, is likely to be of use. Acting upon this idea, Dr. Ferris has used veratrine in cases of tremor due to alcoholism, disseminated sclerosis, and weakness after typhoid fever. Although this treatment was successful in all these diseases, it does not seem quite certain that the utility of the medicine may not be partially due to its action on the spinal cord as well as on the muscles themselves. In one case of tremor, occurring at the commencement of general paralysis, I have given salts of calcium with the same object with the apparent result of arresting the tremor. I had intended to use barium, but the tremor ceasing for many months with calcium, I have not proceeded to use anything else.