Characters. - A white granular salt, or minute crystalline cubes, very deliquescent and soon becoming yellow or yellowish-brown on exposure to air; odourless when white, but emitting a slight odour of iodine when coloured, having a sharp saline taste and a neutral reaction.

Uses. - A solution of 1/2-drm. in an ounce of glycerine has been used as an application to enlarged tonsils. An ointment containing 20 to 60 grs. of the iodide to 1 oz. of lard has been used in cases of lepra and psoriasis. It is chiefly used internally for syphilis, scrofula, and glandular enlargements, either instead of or along with iodide of potassium. A mixture of the two iodides has been thought by some to be more efficacious than either used singly, and the iodide of ammonium prevents the depressing action often exerted by the iodide of potassium alone.

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