Characters. - A yellowish-white or greyish powder very hygroscopic, odourless, having a sweetish ferruginous taste, and a slightly acid reaction.

Dose. - 2 to 5 grains (0.13-0.33 gm.).

Uses. - Iodide of iron is given when a combination of the effect of iodine on the lymphatic system is desired along with the haematinic action of iron. It is thus very useful in the form of the syrup in dispensary practice in large towns, where pale, anaemic, flabby, and scrofulous children abound, and come in large numbers to be treated. It is generally advantageous to combine it with cod-liver oil, a few drops of the syrup being dropped into the oil and taken along with it. It has been given in phthisis in the same way, and has been found useful in rheumatic arthritis and syphilis.

U.S.P. Syrupus Ferri Bromidi. Syrup of Bromide of Iron. - A syrupy liquid containing 10 per cent. of ferrous bromide. FeBr2; 215.5.

Dose. - 1/2 to 1 fluid drachm (1.9 to 3.75 c.c.).

Use. - In nervous diseases accompanied by anaemia. It is doubtful, however, whether it is not better to give the iron and bromine separately, as sufficient bromine cannot be given in this form. It may, however, be advantageously combined with other bromides.