Characters. - A pale yellow, or lemon-yellow crystalline powder, permanent in the air, odourless and nearly tasteless.

Solubility. - It is very slightly soluble in cold or hot water, but soluble in cold concentrated hydrochloric acid and in hot diluted sulphuric acid.

Dose. - 2 to 3 grains (0.13 to 0.20 gm.).

B. and U.S.P. Syrupus Ferri Iodidi. Syrup of Iodide of Iron. FeI2; 309.1. - It contains 4.3 grains of iodide of iron in 1 fluid drachm.

Characters. - Yellowish or greenish-yellow liquid with a sweet inky taste.

Dose. - 1/2 to 1 fl. dr.

B. and U.S.P. Pilula Ferri Iodidi (vide pp. 522, 523). Pill of Iodide of Iron. Pill with sweet inky taste. Dose. - 3 to 8 grains.