The seed of Hordeum distichon, caused to enter the incipient stage of germination by artificial means and dried.

Characters. - Malt should be fresh, of a colour not darker than pale amber, and should have an agreeable odour and a sweet taste.



Extractum Malti ..............................................................

4 fl. dr.

U.S.P. Extractum Malti. Extract of Malt.

Preparation. - Upon malt in coarse powder, not finer than No. 12, 100 parts, contained in a suitable vessel, pour 100 parts of water, and macerate for six hours. Then add 400 parts of water, heated to about 30° C. (86° F.), and digest for an hour at a temperature not exceeding 55° C. (131° F.). Strain the mixture with strong expression. Finally, by means of a water-bath or vacuum apparatus, at a temperature not exceeding 55° C. (131° F.) evaporate the strained liquid rapidly to the consistence of thick honey. Keep the product in well-closed vessels, in a cool place.

Dose. - 4 fl.dr.

Action. - This officinal extract of malt is similar to various other extracts and foods prepared from malt. It is not only nutritious, but, on account of the diastase contained in it, acts as a digestive ferment.

In large doses it relaxes the bowels.

Uses. - In cases of imperfect digestion and in phthisis, and in general imperfect nutrition in children or adults.