Characters. - A bluish-white metal having the sp. gr. 6.9.

Reactions. - When treated with warm diluted sulphuric acid it is almost completely dissolved, forming a colourless liquid which yields a white precipitate with test solution of ferro-cyanide of potassium, or of sulphide of ammonium. U.S.P.

Preparations containing Zinc b.p.

Liquor Zinci Chloridi. Oleatum Zinci. Unguentum Zinci.

„ ,, Oleati.

Zinci Acetas.

„ Carbonas.

„ Chloridum.

„ Oxidum.

„ Sulphas.

„ Sulphocarbolas.

Valerianas. Zincum Granulatum.


Liquor Zinci Chloridi. Unguentum Zinci Oxidi. Zinci Acetas.

,, Bromidum.

,, Carbonas Praecipitatus.

,, Chloridum.

„ Iodidum.

,, Oxidum.

„ Phosphidum.

„ Sulphas.

„ Valerianas.