Acidi Phosphorici Compositus (Acid Phosphates). Alumini Acetatis (Alumini Acetici, Ph. Ger.). - Contains 8 per cent. of basic Aluminum Acetate. Alumini Acetico-tartratis. - Contains about 50 per cent. of dry, so-called Aluminum Acetico-tartrate, which may be obtained by evaporating the solution. Auri et Arseni Bromidi. - Ten minims contain 1/32 grain (0.002 Gm.) of Tribromide of Gold and 1/16 grain (0.004 Gm) of Tribromide of Arsenic.


Bismuthi. - Each fluidram (4 Cc.) represents 1 grain (0.06 Gm.) Bismuth and Ammonium Citrate. Bromi (Smith's Solution of Bromine). - Bromine, 20 per cent.;

Potassium Bromide, 10 per cent.; Water. Calcis Sulphuratae (Solution of Oxysulphuret of Calcium;

Vlemingkx's Solution or Lotion). Cupri Alkalinus (Fehling's Solution).

I. The Copper Solution.

Copper Sulphate, pure...................

grains 505

34,639 Gm.

Distilled Water . . enough to make

fluidounces 16

500 Cc.

II. The Alkaline Solution.

Potassium and Sodium Tartrate ......

grains 252

173 Gm.

Sodium Hydroxide (U. S. P.) .......

troy ounces 2

60 Gm.

Distilled Water . . enough to make

fluidounces 16

500 Cc.

Keep both solutions, separately, in small well-stoppered vials, in a cool and dark place. For use, mix exactly equal volumes of both solutions by pouring the copper solution into the alkaline solution. Ten Cc. of the mixture prepared by metric weight and measure correspond to 0.05 Gm. of glucose. Of the mixture prepared by apothecaries' weight and measure, 210 minims correspond to 1 grain of glucose.