Sodii Nitras. Sodium Nitrate. NaNo3 = 84.89. Source. - Imported from Chili and Peru.


Colorless, transparent, rhombohedral crystals, odorless, having a cooling, saline and slightly bitter taste. Deliquescent in moist air.


In 1.3 parts of water; soluble in 100 parts of Alcohol. Sodium Nitrate is used for preparing Sodium Arsenate. Dose, 1/2 to 1 oz.; 15. to 30. gm.

Action and Therapeutics of Sodium Nitrate

Sodium nitrate, in moderate doses, does not directly lessen the force or frequency of the pulse, nor lower the animal temperature, nor decrease the elimination of urea; in large doses, acting as a purgative, it may produce these effects. It is somewhat diuretic, but its chief medicinal virtue is that of a mild purgative.