Sodii Ethylas. Sodium Ethylate. - NaC2H2O = 67.90. (Not official.)


By solution of Metallic Sodium in Ethylic Alcohol and crystallization. 2Na + 2C2H5OH = 2NaC2H6O + H2.


A deliquescent, caustic salt in white or whitish crystals.

Preparation. B. P. not official.

Liquor Sodii Ethylatis, Solution Of Sodium Ethylate

Sodium, I; Ethylic Alcohol, 20. Characters. - A clear, syrupy liquid, changing to brown in keeping. This preparation has a sp. gr. of 0.567. It should be freshly made when wanted.

Action and Uses of Sodium Ethylate

This is used locally as a mild caustic to remove naevi and other growths. It is applied with a pointed glass rod for two or three days; then a scab forms; when this has fallen off, the treatment may be repeated. Sodium ethylate is, perhaps, our best caustic.