Cassia Fistula. - Synonym. - Purging Cassia. The fruit of Cassia Fistula Linne (nat. ord. Leguminosae).


East India; naturalized in tropical Africa and America.


Cylindrical, 40 to 60 cm. long, nearly 25 mm. in diameter, blackish-brown, somewhat veined, the sutures smooth, forming two longitudinal bands; indehiscent, internally divided transversely into numerous cells, each containing a reddish-brown, glossy, flattish-ovate seed imbedded in a blackish-brown, sweet pulp; odor resembling that of prunes.


The chief constituents are - (1) A purgative principle, closely allied to Cathartic Acid. (See Senna, p. 492.) (2) Sennapicrin, a Glucoside, C34H58C17. (3) Sugar, 60 per cent. (4) Pectin. (5) Calcium Oxalate.

Cassia Fistula is contained in Confectio Sennae.

Dose, 1 to 8 dr.; 4. to 30. gm.

Action And Therapeutics Of Cassia Fistula

The pulp is administered as a laxative, given only in confection of senna.