(The fruit of Prunus Domestica Linne (nat. ord. Rosaceae).


Western Asia; cultivated in many varieties.


Oblong or subglobular, about 3 cm. long, shrivelled blackish-blue, glaucous; the sarcocarp brownish-yellow; sweet and acidulous; putamen hard, smooth, or irregularly ridged; the seed almond-like in shape, but smaller, and of a bitter-almond taste.


The chief constituents are - (1) Sugar, 12 to 15 per cent., (2) Malic Acid, and (3) A purgative principle.

Prunes are contained in Confectio Sennae.

Dose. - They can be administered freely.

Action And Therapeutics Of Prunes

Prunes are demulcent and slightly laxative. They may be eaten as articles of diet in cases of slight constipation. They are used as a corrective for senna in the confection.