Damiana. (Not official.) - The leaves of several plants, principally Bigelovia veneta Gray and Turnera microphylla De Candolle, var., aphro-disiaca (nat. ord. Turneraceae).


Western North America.


The chief constituents of the last as given by Rantzer are - (1) A volatile oil, I per cent., amber-colored, having an aromatic odor, and a warm camphoraceous taste. (2) Tannic acid. (3) Two resins.

Dose, 1/2 to 1 oz.; 15. to 30. gm.

Action And Uses Of Damiana

Damiana has enjoyed considerable reputation as a remedy for sexual atony. Some observers believe it to be only tonic. It is best administered as a fluid extract, in the dose of 1/2 fl. dr., 2. cc.