Matico. - The leaves of Piper angustifolium Ruiz et Pavon (nat. ord. Piperaceae).


Tropical America.


From 10 to 15 cm. long, short petiolate, oblong-lanceolate, apex pointed, base unequally heart-shaped, margin very finely crenulate, tessellated above, reticulate beneath, the meshes small, and the veins densely brownish-hairy; aromatic, spicy and-bitterish. Resembling Matico leaves. - Digitalis leaves, which are less deeply reticulated.


The chief constituents are - (1) Volatile oil, 2 1/2 per cent. (2) A pungent resin. (3) A bitter principle. (4) Artanthic Acid. (5) Tannic acid.

Dose, 1/2 to 2 dr.; 2. to 8. gm.


1. Extractum Matico Fluidum. - Fluid Extract of Matico. By maceration and percolation with Alcohol and Water, and evaporation.

Dose, 1/2 to 2 fl. dr.; 2. to 8. c.c.

2. Tinctura Matico. - Tincture of Matico. Matico, 100, by maceration and percolation with Diluted Alcohol to 1000.

Dose, 1/2 to 1 fl. oz.; 15. to 30. c.c.

Action And Therapeutics Of Matico

The volatile oil of matico probably has much the same action as that of cubeb, influencing chiefly the genito-urinary passages. It has been given for the same cases, but is now rarely used. The leaves are sometimes placed upon a bleeding surface. Their numerous hairs promote the clotting of the blood, and thus they are haemostatic.