Containing Phosphorus only.


P. =30.96.


Treat Bone Ash or Lime Phosphate with Sulphuric Acid and water, filter and evaporate. Ca3(Po4)+2H2So4=CaH4(Po4)2+2CaSo4. Heat the Acid Calcium Phosphate thus formed, with Charcoal and sand. The heat first forms Calcium Metaphosphate. CaH4(Po4)2=Ca(Po3)2+2H2O. This is acted on by the Charcoal and sand thus: 2Ca(Po3)2+2SiO2+10C2= 2CaSiO3+10CO+P4.


A translucent, nearly colorless solid of a waxy lustre, having, at ordinary temperatures, about the consistence of beeswax. By long keeping the surface becomes red, and occasionally black. It has a distinctive and disagreeable odor and taste (but should not be tasted except in a state of great dilution); when exposed to the air it emits white fumes, which are luminous in the dark, and have an odor somewhat resembling garlic. On longer exposure to air it takes fire spontaneously. Heated with Hydrogen it becomes red, amorphous, non-poisonous Phosphorus. Solubility. - Sparingly in alcohol, ether and chloroform; freely in carbon disulphide; insoluble in water. Dose, 1/100 to 1/20 gr.; .0006 to .003 gm. Never given alone.


1. Oleum Phosphoratum. Phosphorated Oil

Oleum Phosphoratum. Phosphorated Oil. Phosphorus, I; Expressed Oil of Almond, 90; (which must be heated to 2500 F.; 121o C., and filtered to remove water and organic matter, which would otherwise oxidize the phosphorus), and Ether to 100. Strength. - 1 per cent.

Dose, 1 to 5 m.; .06 to .30 c.c.

2. Pilulae Phosphori. Pills Of Phosphorus

Pilulae Phosphori. Pills Of Phosphorus. Dissolve Phosphorus, .06; Chloroform, 5; add Althaea, 6; and Acacia, 6 gm.; with water, and Glycerin; to make 100 pills. Strength. - Each pill contains 100 gr. .0006 gm. of Phosphorus.

Dose, 1 to 5 pills.

3. Spiritus Phosphori. Spirit Of Phosphorus

Spiritus Phosphori. Spirit Of Phosphorus. Synonym.- Tincture of Phosphorus. Phosphorus, 1.2; absolute Alcohol to 1000. Dissolve by heating upon a water-bath.

Spirit of Phosphorus is used to prepare Elixir Phosphori.

Dose, 8 to 40 m.; .50 to 2.50 c.c.

4. Elixir Phosphori. Elixir Of Phosphorus

Elixir Phosphori. Elixir Of Phosphorus. Spirit of Phosphorus, 210; Oil of Anise, 2; Glycerin, 550; Aromatic Elixir to 1000. Dose, 1/2 to 2 1/2 fl. dr.; 2. to 10. c.c.

Action of Phosphorus

The action of minute doses of phosphorus is that in animals the spongy tissue in the long and short bones is thickened by the deposition of true bone of normal composition, and the compact tissue is rendered more dense. It diminishes tissue waste, decreasing the elimination of urea and of carbon dioxide. As it is found as a necessary element in the nervous system its action is that of a stimulant to its growth. Phosphorus enters the blood as phosphorus, and probably acts as such, not as phosphoric acid. The best known liquid preparation is Thompson's solution: phosphorus, 1; absolute alcohol, 300; glycerin, 720; and spirit of peppermint, 40; dose, 1/3 to 1 fl. dr.; 1.20 to 4.00 c.c. See also Toxicology.