(Not official.) Synonyms. - Trichlor-lerliary Butyl Alcohol. Acetone-Chloroform.


From equal weights of Acetone and Chloroform when Caustic Potash is added.


A white crystalline powder having a camphoraceous odor. Solubility. - Sparingly in water; very soluble in Chloroform, Alcohol and Ether.

Dose, 5 to 20 gr.; .30 to 1.20 gm.

Action of Chloretone

Without markedly influencing respiration or blood-pressure it produces anaesthesia and sleep. It directly affects sensory nerves, and so may be used as a local anaesthetic. If the dose by the mouth is excessive dogs may sleep for several days, finally succumbing from asphyxia. Since neither acetone nor chloroform are found in the expired air or the urine, and the chlorides are increased in the latter, it is probably broken up in the body. .

Therapeutics of Chloretone

In one per cent. solution it may be applied as a local anaesthetic to ulcers and infected wounds. Internally, its chief use is as a hypnotic, which is both safe and generally efficient. In moderate doses it promptly relieves irritability of the stomach.