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By heating together Anhydrous Chloral and Glucose, the soluble Chloralose is formed which crystallizes. C2HCl3O+C6H12O=C8H11Cl3O6+ H2O.


In small crystals, having a bitter and disagreeable, but not acrid taste. Solubility. - Freely in hot, slightly in cold water.

Dose, 2 to 4 gr.; .12 to .25 gm.

Action and Therapeutics of Chloralose

Chloralose on account of its bitter taste is best given in capsules. It will produce sound sleep in which sensibility is not lost, although the reflex activities are greater than usual, because as, Richet says, it excites the spinal cord while depressing the functions of the brain. The awakening is without unpleasant effects. Ten grains; .60 gm., have produced profound unconsciousness, so that caution should be exercised in prescribing.