(Not official.)-(Ch3)2C2H5Coh=87.8l. Synonyms. - Dimethylethylcarbinol. Tertiary Amylic Alcohol.


By the action of Sulphuric Acid on Amylene, separation of the Amylene-sulphuric Acid, dilution, filtration, neutralization with Milk of Lime or solution of Soda, and fractional distillation.


A limpid, colorless, oily liquid, of a peculiar penetrating odor. Sp. gr., 0.815. Solubility. - In 8 parts of water; readily in Alcohol, Ether or Chloroform.

Dose, 1/2 to 1 fl. dr.; 2. to 4. c.c.

Action and Uses of Amylene Hydrate

Amylene hydrate is a hypnotic, about midway in power between chloral and paraldehyde, having a pleasanter taste than the latter. The sleep is generally natural, and the awakening prompt and complete. It is a safe hypnotic, having no action upon the heart or respiration, and it may have also anodyne properties. It can be administered in wine, raspberry syrup, or simply in water. It has been given hypodermatically, with one-half its volume of alcohol. After continued use it is apt to disagree with the stomach.