The leaves and tops of Mentha viridis Linne (nat. ord. Labiatae).


Wild in Europe and North America; cultivated.


Leaves about 5 cm. long, subsessile, lance-ovate, acute serrate, glandular, nearly smooth; branches quadrangular, mostly light green; flowers in terminal, interrupted, narrow, acute spikes, with a tubular, sharply five-toothed calyx, a light-purplish, four-lobed corolla, and four rather long stamens; odor aromatic, taste pungent.


1) A volatile oil (see below). (2) Resin. (3) Gum.


Spiritus Menthae Viridis. Spirit Of Spearmint. Essence Of Spearmint. Oil Of Spearmint

Synonym.- Essence of Spearmint. Oil of Spearmint, 100; Spearmint, 10. By maceration with Alcohol and filtration to 1000.

Dose, 5 to 15 m.; .30 to 1.00 c.c.

Oleum Mentha Viridis. Oil Of Spearmint

A volatile oil distilled from Spearmint.


A colorless, yellowish, or greenish-yellow liquid, becoming darker and thicker by age and exposure to the air, having the characteristic, strong odor of Spearmint, and a hot, aromatic taste. Sp. gr., 0. 930 to 0.940.


Freely in Alcohol.


The chief constituents are - (1) Menthene, the same ter-pene as in Peppermint. (2) Carvol, C10H14O, a Stearopten isomeric with Thymol (q. v.).

Dose, 1 to 5 m.; .06 to .30 c.c.


1. Aqua Menthae Viridis. - Spearmint water. Oil of Spearmint, 2. By trituration with precipitated Calcium Phosphate, addition of Distilled Water and filtration to 1000.

Dose, 1/2 to 2 fl. oz.; 15. to 60. c.c.

2. Spiritus Menthae Viridis. - (See above).

Action And Therapeutics Of Spearmint

These are the same as those of peppermint and oil of peppermint, but oil of spearmint is not so agreeable.