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Mix a pint 480. c.c. of milk with 5 fl. oz. 150. c.c. of water. Heat to 1400 F. 60° C., and add Liquor Pancreatis, B. P. 1 fl. dr. 4. c.c.; and Sodium Bicarbonate, 20 gr.; 1.20 gm.. Leave the mixture at the ordinary temperature of the room for three hours, or if kept at about 1350 F. 57.2° C for about half an hour, then heat for a moment to boiling point. If too much pancreatic solution is used the milk is bitter. This preparation should be kept on ice until required.

Action And Therapeutics Of Peptonized Milk

Peptonized milk is used in many conditions in which it is thought that the gastric digestion is too feeble to digest ordinary milk, or in which it is desired, as sometimes, in typhoid fever, for instance, to avoid the curdling of milk in the stomach. Milk should always be peptonized before being introduced into an enema. An usual nutrient enema consists of the yolk of an egg and milk up to four fluid ounces 120. c.c.. This mixture may be peptonized in just the same way and with the same quantity of peptonizing agents as the pint 480. c.c. of milk. Thirty grains; 2. gm. of common salt should be added to the enema before use.