Kumyss. - (Not official). - This is frequently written, Koumiss. Preparation. - Dissolve 4 dr. 15 gm. of grape sugar in 4 fl. oz. 120. c.c. of water and 20 gr. 1.20 gm. of yeast in 4 fl. oz. 120. c.c. of cow's milk. Pour both into a bottle holding a quart 960. c.c., which is then filled up with milk, corked, wired, and put in a cool place and frequently shaken for four days.

Uses of Kumyss.

Kumyss contains a little alcohol and is extremely useful as a stimulant food in convalescence, in phthisis, and other conditions of exhaustion. It is also used for the same purposes as milk; it is usually more agreeable to the patient and is often borne by the stomach when all other food is vomited. The above is a very good substitute for the kumyss drunk by the Tartars, who prepare it by fermenting mare's milk.