(Not official). - This preparation has for its object the obtaining the nutritive matters of the flesh of animals in a permanent concentrated state.


Equal parts of meat and cold water. Straining, evaporation and straining.


Reddish-brown in color, of a slightly acrid taste, and frequently of a disagreeable odor.


100 parts of meat yield 25 of extract. It is rich in nitrogenous principles, but contains neither fat nor gelatin. The method of Liebig has been followed, with variations, by a large number of manufacturers. The product, however, by no means represents the nutritive qualities of the meat itself, because the albumin and fibrin are largely wanting, besides an endeavor is put forth to get rid of the gelatin and fat. Of late the attempt has been made to retain these important nutritive principles. The beef meal which was used by Debove in his method of forced feeding (gavage) was practically desiccated beef; but it did not have its highest nutritive value because it was, to a considerable extent, composed of insoluble matters. The more recent preparations are based upon the classical studies of Wurtz which showed that in the juice of the Carica papaya (nat. ord. Passi/lorae) was a principle, called papain, capable of converting albuminoids into soluble albu-moses and peptones. The fact that a similar vegetable digestive principle exists in the juice of the pine-apple and allied plants of the nat. ord. Brome-liacea, as was first shown by Marcano, has been utilized in the manufacture of the Mosquera-Julia beef meal, where the process of digestion is carried on before desiccation, or it may be made as a jelly. The advantages of a vegetable over an animal pepsin, the greater acceptability to weak stomachs, the avoidance of the unpleasant taste and the disagreeable odor, and absence of bitterness are very important. By this method the preparation contains only ten per cent. of water, has four times the amount of albuminoid matter present in average lean beef, one-half of which is already in an assimilable form, and about three times as much fat, in addition. Besides, it is very convenient for administration.

Action And Uses Of Extract Of Meat

Extract of meat is useful as a nutrient and a stimulant in relieving prostration and fatigue. The solution seasoned with capsicum is valuable in alcoholic excess and delirium tremens. In

the infantile bowel disturbances, when milk must be forbidden, it is often indicated. In phthisis it will frequently sustain the patient; in the aged it will support life without taxing the digestive powers. The amount to be used should be regulated by the age and condition of the patient.