Balsam of Fir. A liquid oleo-resin obtained from Abies balsamea (Linne) Miller (nat. ord. Coniferae).


Canada and Northern United States, west to Minnesota, and south along the mountains to Virginia.


A yellowish or faintly greenish, transparent, viscid liquid, of an agreeable, terebinthinate odor, and a bitterish, slightly acrid taste. When exposed to the air, it gradually dries, forming a transparent mass.


Completely in Ether, Chloroform or Benzol.


1) A volatile oil, 20 to 30 per cent. (2) Resin. (3) A bitter principle soluble in water.

Canada Turpentine is contained in Collodium Flexile.

Action And Therapeutics Of Canada Turpentine

Canada turpentine is rarely used except for its physical property of drying to form an adhesive varnish. It has the same action as oil of turpentine.