Cerata (Cerates)

Adhesive preparations for external use, containing wax, capable of being spread at ordinary temperatures, and not melting at the temperature of the body. Six are official in U. S. P.


- Camphorae

Ceratum Cantharidis - Cetacei

Ceratum Resinae

- Plumbi Subacetatis

Charta (Papers)

Non-absorbent papers coated with plaster-like preparations and used like plasters. The U. S. P. contains two:

Charta Sinapis, made from mustard.

- Potassii Nitratis, made from potassium nitrate.

Collodia (Collodions)

Preparations for external use, either simple collodion, a solution of pyroxylin in ether and alcohol, or impregnated with an active substance. When applied externally a protective film is formed owing to the rapid volatilization of the solvent. The U. S. P. contains four:



Collodium Gantharidatum


Confectiones (Confections)

Synonym. - Electuaries. In England also called Boluses or Conserves. Permanent pasty preparations of powdered drugs thoroughly triturated with syrup or honey. The U. S. P. contains two:

Confectio Rosae, used as a basis for pills.

- Sennse . . . dose, 1 - 2

Confectiones Confections 20

; 4.- 8. gm.

Decocta (Decoctions)

Liquid preparations of organic drugs, 5 grammes of drug to 100 c.c. of decoction unless otherwise specified by the physician or Pharmacopoeia, made by exhausting the drug by boiling in water, straining the resulting liquid, and adding sufficient cold water to secure the required ratio. The U. S. P. contains two:


Decoctum Cetrariae...........................

1 - 4 fl Decocta Decoctions 21 ; 30. - 120. c.c.

- Sarsaparillae Compositum . .

Decoctions should be freshly made, as they are liable to decompose.

Elixira (Elixirs)

Sweet and aromatic liquid preparations, containing 20 to 25 per cent. of alcohol. There are two in the U. S. P.:

Elixir Aromaticum.........................

dose, indeterminate.

Elixir Phosphori..........................

dose, 1/2 - 21/2 fl Elixira Elixirs 22 ; 2. - 10. c.c.

Emplastra (Plasters)

Tenacious preparations for external application, solid at ordinary temperatures, but pliable and adhesive at the temperature of the body. Those of the U. S. P. are:

Emplastrum Plumbi

Lead oxide, olive oil and water. Lead oleate and glycerin are formed.

- Aminoniaci cum Hydrargyro

Lead plaster as the basis.

- Ferri

- Hydrargyri

- Opii

- Saponis

- Resinae

Lead plaster and wax as the basis.

- Amicae

Resin plaster, which is made from Lead plaster, as the basis.

- Capsici

- Belladonnae

Resin and soap plaster as the basis.

- Picis Burgundicae

Wax the basis.

- Ichthyocollae

Court plaster.

- Picis Cantharidatum

Warming plaster.