(Not official.) - A solution of the higher homologues of Phenol.


Creolin is derived from coal by dry distillation, and consists of a mixture of the sodium salts of some resinous acids with Creolin Oil and Pyridines.


A dark brown, syrupy alkaline liquid. It forms a turbid, milky mixture with water, which has the characteristic, rather pleasant, odor of the preparation.

Dose, 1 to 5 m.; .06 to .30 c.c.

Action and Uses of Creolin

Creolin is a non-irritating but powerful antiseptic, frequently used in place of carbolic acid. It is used pure, in 2 per cent. solution, in an ointment or as a soap, 10 per cent. It has been given internally in gastric fermentation, dysentery and typhoid fever. Toxic symptoms have been observed, but they are rarely encountered. Jeyes' disinfectant preparations contain creolin.