1Argenti Nitras. Dose, 1/4 - 1/2 gr.; 15 - 30 mgm-. Colourless crystals. Soluble 1 in less than 1 of water; slightly soluble in alcohol; soluble in ether and glycerin.

Incompatibles, most inorganic salts and many organic preparations. 1Argenti Xitras Induratus. Toughened Caustic. Opaque white cylindrical bars. - 95; Potassium Nitrate, 5. Fused and poured into moulds.

1Argenti Nitras Mitigatus. Mitigated Caustic. Resembles the above - 33; Potassium Nitrate, 66. Fused and poured into moulds.

3Argenti Oxidum. Dose, 1/2 - 2 grs.; 3-12 cgms. A brown powder insoluble in water and alcohol.

Incompatibles, forms explosive mixtures with sulphur, sulphides, phosphorus, tannic acid, creosote, and many other organic substances.

Armoracice Radix. Horse-radish Root. The root of Cochlearia Armoracia: nearly cylindrical, 24 inches or more in length, 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter, externally pale yellow, internally white, odour pungent when bruised or scraped, taste pungent.

Spiritus Armoraciae Compositus. Dose, 1-2 fl. drs.; 4-8 c.c. The root macerated with water, to which Bitter Orange Peel, Nutmeg, and Alcohol are added; and distilled.

Arnica Rhizoma. Arnica Rhizome. The dried rhizome and roots of Arnica montana. The horizontal, cylindrical, dark-brown rhizome (rootstock) is 1-2 inches long, 1/6-1/4 inches in diameter, curved and rough with leaf scars above and roots or their scars below; odour faintly aromatic, taste bitter and acrid.

Tinctura Arnicae

20; alcohol 70%, 100: by percolation. Used externally.