Taraxaci Radix. Taraxacum Root. The fresh and dried roots of Taraxacum officinale. The fresh roots are frequently more than a foot in length, break readily and from the broken surface a milk exudes. The dried root is shrivelled and wrinkled, dark brown in colour. Inodorous, taste bitter.

2Extractum Taraxaci. Dose, 5 - 15 grs.; 3 - 10 dgms. The juice of the fresh root dried to a soft consistence.

1Extractum Taraxaci Liquidum. Dose, 1/2 - 2 fl. dr., 2 - 8 c.c. An extract in diluted alcohol made by maceration and partial evaporation.

3Succus Taraxaci. Dose, 1 - 2 fl. dr.; 4 - 8 c.c. Fresh juice, 75; Alcohol, 25.

Terebenum. Terebene. Dose, 5 - 15 min.; 0.3 - 1 c.c. A mixture of hydrocarbons. A colourless liquid, with an agreeable odour and an aromatic taste.

Terebinthina Canadensis. Canada Turpentine. (Canada Balsam.) The oleo-resin obtained from Abies balsamea. Pale yellow and faintly greenish, transparent oleo-resin of the consistence of thin honey.

Thus Americanum. Frankincense. The concrete oleo-resin scraped off the trunks of Pinus palustris and P. Tasda.