The thickened juice of the leaves of different aloes from an island in the Indian Ocean, and Arabia. It has a very nauseous and bitter taste, and contains an active principle, aloin, which has cathartic qualities.

Aloes is a bitter stomachic, and as a cathartic acts principally on the colon, and with extreme slowness, ten or fifteen hours being required for a result if it is given alone. It stimulates the flow of bile to some extent, and excites the circulation of all the pelvic organs. Aloes is rarely used alone, but is an ingredient of many well-known laxative preparations in liquid and in pill form, usually in strength of 2 or 3 grains. It does not cause constipation as an aftereffect, but, on the contrary, makes the intestines more sensitive.

Tinctura Aloes. Tincture Of Aloes

Strength, 10%. Average dose, xxx.-2 mils.

Tinctura Aloes Et Myrrhae. Not Official. Tincture Of Aloes And Myrrh

Strength, 10% of each. Average dose, ʒ ss.-2 mils.

Pilulae Aloes. Pills Of Aloes

Average dose, 2 pills.