Made by dissolving pyroxylin in a mixture of ether and alcohol. When applied to the skin, after evaporation of the ether and alcohol, a colorless, transparent, contractile film is deposited, impervious to air and moisture. The vapor of collodion is inflammable. It should be kept in a cool place.

Collodium Flexile. Flexible Collodion

Contains camphor and a small proportion of castor oil. The oil renders the film pliable, and prevents its contraction.

Collodium Cantharidatum. Cantharidal Collodion. Vesicating Collodion

Collodion containing a solution of cantharides, and used as a vesicant. The skin must be washed with the same precautions used in applying cantharides, and from three to five coats painted on with a brush, letting each dry separately. The action of the vesicating collodion is hastened by spraying with ether after application.

Cantharidal collodion must be kept in a cool place and must not be brought near to a fire or flame, as it is highly inflammable.