Creosote is produced by the distillation of wood tar, and is a very complex substance, containing many hydro-carbons, some of which are closely related to phenol. Creosote is not as poisonous as phenol, nor so active as a germicide and antiseptic, but many of its physiological properties are similar, and its value medicinally is about the same, though it is oftener used.

It is a stimulant, expectorant, and gastric sedative. In the stomach it checks fermentation, yet does not interfere with digestion. The vapor is disinfectant and deodorant. When inhaled it is stimulant, and when ordered in this way it is convenient to use a small cone, which may be easily improvised.

Only a few cases of poisoning are recorded. The symptoms and treatment are like those of phenol.

Average Dose, E III

0.2 mils.

Aqua Creosoti. Creosote Water

Strength, 1 per cent. Dose, ʒ i. - ii. 4-8 mils.