Antiseptics, - arrest the growth of or destroy microorganisms.

Disinfection, - relates to the complete destruction of the organism.

Formaline. Bichloride of Mercury. Sulphurous Acid.

Also carbolic acid, boric acid and borax, chloride of zinc, oxalic acid, permanganate of potassium, salicylic acid, peroxide of hydrogen, oil of eucalyptus, thymol, quinine, bismuth, iodoform, europhen, benzoin, lysol, aristol, dermatol, pyrogallol, chlorine, naphthalene, lime, creolin, and others.

Deodorants, - remove disagreeable odors.

Potassium Permanganate. Chloride of Lime. Chlorinated Soda. Charcoal, and many others.

Parasiticides, - destroy parasites on the skin.

Staphisagria. Picrotoxin. Ichthyol. Mercurials. Sulphur. Ether. Alcohol. Carbolic Acid.