Restoratives, - promote constructional tissue change. (1) Foods, - supply new material for repair and oxidation.

Proteids. Carbohydrates. Fats. Salts. Water.

Including albumins, starches, sugars, sodium chloride calcium phosphate; oils - olive, cod-liver; alcohol and other substances.

(2) Hoematinics, - increase the haemoglobin (red coloring matter) in the blood.

Iron. Manganese.

(3) Tonics, - promote nutrition and give tone to the system.

Strychnine. Iron. Arsenic.

Also quinine, vegetable bitters, phosphates, hypophos-phites, cod-liver oil; acids - hydrochloric, nitro-hydro-chloric, phosphoric, lactic, citric; salicin, and other drugs.

Alteratives, - by some unknown process alter morbid conditions and improve the nutrition of the body.

Mercury. Arsenic. Iodine.

Also antimony, gold and sodium chloride, sarsaparilla. colchicum, cod-liver oil.

Antipyretics, - reduce fever (1) by promoting loss of heat and (2) by lessening its production.

Cold. Acetanilide. Quinine.

Also antipyrine, salicylic acid, guaiacol, resorcin, phenacetine, aconite, chinoline, asaprol, and others.

Antiperiodics, - lessen the severity or prevent the return of certain periodically recurring diseases.

Quinine. Hydrastine. Eucalyptus.