The leaves and tops of Lobelia inflata, of the United States.

Lobelia is a motor-depressant and anti-spasmodic. In small doses it stimulates the alimentary canal, and in full doses irritates it, causing pain, vomiting, purging, and general depression.

Large doses cause, in addition, cold sweats, muscular tremors, feeble pulse, and stupor, with coma and collapse. It has frequently caused death, which occurs by paralysis of the respiratory centre. It is very seldom used, on account of its very depressing action.

The treatment of poisoning consists in washing out the stomach with a warm solution of tannic acid (or warm, strong tea), the application of external heat, and stimulation by mustard, friction, etc.; and the use of alcoholic stimulants, ammonia, and opium.


Tinctura Lobeliae. Tincture Of Lobelia

Strength, 10%. Average dose,  xv.- I mil.

Fluidextractum Lobeliae. Fluidextract Of Lobelia

Average dose,  iiss.-0.15 mil.