Fluidextractum Aconiti. Fluidextract Of Aconite

Average dose,  ss.-0.03 mil.

Tinctura Aconiti. Tincture Of Aconite

Made from the root. Strength 10%. Average dose,  iii.-0.2 mil, in water.

Extractum Aconiti. Extract Of Aconite

One Gm. of the extract represents about four Gm. of aconite. Average dose, gr. 1/6-0.01 Gm.

Aconitina. Aconitine

An alkaloid or active principle obtained from aconite. Average dose, gr. 1/400-0.00015 Gm.

Linimentum Aconiti. Aconite Liniment. Not Official

For external use; strength, 2 %. St. Jacob's oil, a quack medicine, contains aconite.