Synonym. Antimonii Oxysulphuretum. Lond.

" Sulphuretum Aureum. Edin.

" " Precipitatum. Pub.

Prep. By boiling ten ounces of prepared sulphuret of antimony for two hours with four pints and a half of solution of soda, constantly stirring, distilled water being often poured in that it may fill nearly the same measure. The solution is strained through calico, and before it cools dilute sulphuric acid is added in slight excess. The precipitate is collected on a calico filter, the sulphate of soda washed away with water, and the precipitate dried at a temperature not exceeding 212°.

Prop. & Comp. A bright orange or golden red powder, without odour and with slight taste; insoluble in water, almost entirely soluble in hot hydrochloric acid with evolution of sulphuretted hydrogen, a little sulphur remaining undissolved; the acid solution dropped into water gives a copious white precipitate; it is also readily dissolved by caustic soda or potash. The formula (Sb O3 + 5 Sb, S3+15 HO) has been assigned to this substance, but it is probably not a true chemical compound, only a mixture of tersulphuret of antimony (Sb S3) with a small and variable amount of teroxide (Sb O3). Sixty grains of this preparation dissolved in hydrochloric acid and dropped into water give a white precipitate (oxychloride, Sb Cl3, 5 Sb O3 ?), which when washed and dried weighs about 53 grains.

Off. Prep. It forms a part of Pilula Calomelanos Composita.

Therapeutics. It possesses the same properties as other anti-monial preparations, vide Antimonium Tartaratum; is rather uncertain in action from its slight solubility, and is seldom used except as an alterative in the compound calomel pill.

Dose. 1 gr. to 5 gr. as an alterative; 10 gr. and upwards as an emetic (not used as such).